In 2016 the Belmont Convention Center was purchased by Parth and Meghavi Patel, as well as the adjoining hotel which was later rebranded as a Quality Inn & Suites. Since then, the entire property has been updated, including brand new up-lights in the Convention Center in the spring of 2018.

Since it's acquisition in 2016, the Belmont Convention Center has grown to be an integral part of hosting events and wedding receptions for Belmont, Platteville, and the surrounding communities. More and more events are being held at the Belmont Convention Center every year, and many satisfied customers are coming back to host their events multiple times.

In 2018 Parth and Meghavi Patel received the 2018 Business Persons of the Year Award from the Platteville Regional Chamber. They are both very active in the community. Meghavi was elected to the Chamber board in 2018 and also serves on the Chamber's Tourism Council. Parth serves on the Belmont Tourism Board.

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